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The Adventures of Big Boy: Big Boy’s Trip To The Farm


Emma’s latest children’s book. Big Boy and friends go to Crab Apple Farm to help out, but things don’t exactly go to plan!


Big Boy, the much loved black and white cat, returns with his friends to embark on their second adventure together.

Alfie and his Parrot Albert, have come from Australia to join Big Boy for this next adventure to Farmer Giles’s Farm.

Big Boy and his friends are left in charge of ‘Crab Apple Farm’ with a list of jobs to complete. Despite their best efforts nothing seems to go to plan! The farm ends up in chaos and Big Boy and his friends have to think of imaginative ways to tidy up the farm before the farmer returns…..

This is a fun filled tale which shows how great things can be achieved if you pull together and work as a Team.

“Work as a team to achieve your Dream”


Emma Crabtree
Language: English
ISBN: 978-183842—3-1
Weight: 160 grams
Number of pages: 40
Dimensions: Width 30cm, Height 21cm, Depth / Thickness 0.5cm


UK Shipping: 
Eu: £4.25
USA: £8.30
Australia: & rest of world £9.85


“Continuing the tales of Big Boy and his lovable friends with all the charm and wit of the original story. The cats and dogs make a very very big mess and only friendship and working together can save the day!“”

Richard Trindler – Managing Editor of the Yorkshire Times

“Big Boy’s second adventure is another brilliant and original story with delightful illustrations. Every turn of the page will keep children engaged as they follow Big Boy and his friends’ day on the farm and learn what can be achieved through Team work” 
Jo Robinson – CEO Yorkshire Collaborative Academy Trust

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